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Glance EFIS I bez AHRS Full - ( secondary )



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Číslo produktu: F010.050.045.NH
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Reliable and lightweight EFIS

Glance EFIS for ultralight and experimental aircrafts

The EFIS is intended to provide aircraft main flight parameters, to derive and display navigation information, as well as engine unit parameters. You can use the device as a standalone or as a part of a complex of devices (sensors, actuators, etc.), networked via CANaerospace bus.

Glance EFIS short description

Glance EFIS is a very reliable device that make your flight safe. It has 5.7" bright screen, big buttons, and large encoder. The EFIS has all instruments you need: the attitude indicator, ASI, VSI, AOA, Nav, EMS, etc. The EFIS is 100% compatible with Rotax engines, so no additional modules needed for Rotax 91x.

How to use the EFIS

Glance EFIS features

Flight instruments

  • attitude direct indicator
  • ✓ Airspeed
  • ✓ Barometric altitude
  • ✓ Vertical speed
  • ✓ Basic baro setup

  • Attitude indicator:
  • ✓ Direct indication
  • ✓ Indirect indication (russian style)

  • ✓ Angle of attack
  • ✓ Slip/skid indicator
  • ✓ Wind speed & direction calculator

  • Internal flight recorder:
  • ✓ Records all flight, attitude, navigation and engine parameters

Navigation instruments

  • glass cockpit navigation indicator
  • ✓ Internal GPS receiver
  • ✓ Internal GLONASS receiver
  • ✓ Magnetic declination and true-magnetic course calculation

  • Navigation display:
  • ✓ Navigation display zooming range
  • ✓ Private/military/civil/abandoned airfields display
  • ✓ Flying course and the course to the target waypoint
  • ✓ Target waypoint short information on navigation display
  • ✓ Airspaces on the navigation display
  • ✓ Airspace boundary intersection (coordinates and distance)
  • ✓ Airspace information (name, altitude etc)
  • ✓ Display the final waypoint runway directions
  • ✓ Magnetic declination shift for runways
  • ✓ Air navigation DB on SD card

  • Flying course:
  • ✓ Magnetic course
  • ✓ True course

  • Flight planning:
  • ✓ Waypoint information (rwys, radios etc)
  • ✓ Flight plan waypoints distance calculation
  • ✓ Flight plan waypoints cources calculation
  • ✓ Flight plan cross-track error calculation
  • ✓ Estimated time enroute (and ETA) calculation
  • ✓ Save/load flight plans to/from SD card
  • ✓ Import GPX flight plans
  • ✓ User waypoint management

  • OBS approach:
  • ✓ Cross-track error for OBS approach
  • ✓ OBS approach display guide/pointer

  • NEW FEATURE! External autopilot integration (Trio Avionics)

Engine monitoring instruments

For Rotax engines

glass cockpit EFIS Rotax engine monitoring instruments
  • ✓ Internal ports for Rotax sensors: oil pressure and temperature, CHT
  • ✓ Engine RPM
  • ✓ Rotor RPM
  • ✓ Two fuel tanks sensors

  • Engine HOBBS:
  • ✓ Total HOBBS
  • ✓ 4 HOBBS timers

For non-Rotax engines

glass cockpit EFIS non-Rotax engine monitoring instruments
  • ✓ External engine monitroing modules
  • ✓ 2 engines supported

  • Fuel tanks sensors
  • ✓ Two fuel tanks sensors

  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • ✓ Engine RPM
  • ✓ Rotor RPM

  • Engine HOBBS:
  • ✓ Total HOBBS
  • ✓ 4 HOBBS timers

  • ✓ Engine parameters values control
  • ✓ Engine coolant temperature
  • ✓ Oil temperature
  • ✓ Oil pressure
  • ✓ Fuel pressure
  • ✓ Fuel flow rate
  • ✓ Manifold intake temperature
  • ✓ Manifold air pressure
  • ✓ Cylinder head temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • ✓ Exhaust gas temperatures (up to 9 cylinders)
  • ✓ Battery current
  • ✓ Battery voltage
  • ✓ Alternative warning/battery charging/gears

Network features

glass cockpit EFIS network features
  • ✓ Up to 3 displays in one cabin
  • ✓ Flight plan and user waypoints synchronization
  • ✓ Basic baro synchronization
  • ✓ Date/time synchronization
  • ✓ NMEA coordinates & navigation transmission

Glance EFIS Advantages

Ideal Screen Size

efis screen sizeGlance EFIS has 5.7" bright screen. The size is ideal for light aircraft. Usually, it's quite difficult to install a bigger screen in a front panel.

Perfect Screen Brightness

efis brightnessThe screen is bright. It has 600 kd/m brightness and 10 brightness levels.

Affordable Price

efis ems Glance EFIS is about 15% cheaper than its competitors. Also, please take a look at our special offers - probably you have a chance to get the EFIS with a very big discount.

Reliable Navigation

efis navigationGlance EFIS has a very reliable navigation system with worldwide air navigation database. You can update it every 28 days ($200 subscription needed) or annually for free.

No External Cooling Needed

efis active coolingNo additional active cooling needed.

Rugged Construction

efis construction The unit is lightweight yet feels solid and of rugged construction, is compact, and has a very attractive appearance!

Easy Installation

efis installation It's very easy to install the EFIS. Just take a look at the installation manual.

Reliable EMS

efis ems The internal EMS is adapted to Rotax engines. For non-Rotax engines we can offer external EMS module. It helps you to monitor RPM, oil Temp, Oil Pressure, All (up to 9) cylinders head temp, All (up to 9) exh. temp. Additionally, you can monitor fuel level, fuel flow, and fuel pressure.

The EMS system can work with one or two engines. In case of multi-engine installation you'll require 2 external EMS modules. The EFIS will detect 2 modules and will display engines' parameters correctly.



  • Power supply voltage:9 — 35 V

  • Input current, less than:0.5 А

  • Temperature range:from -20 to +80 °С

  • IP:IP54

  • Weight:0.85 kg


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